Floor or Liars?

Floor or Liars?  that was the question.  i could walk to Floor.  Floor was $1 cheaper.  my good friends Sofa King Killer would be there.  i’ll probably never get the chance to see Floor again.  decision was made.  missed the first band.  walked in to see fat guys with beards playing some form of metal.  some girl went bonkers.  she must have been from Parma, OH.  all i could think about was what song was Floor going to open with and what was the meaning behind a rainbow striped number 13 tattoo on metal bands guitarist?  evil gay?  just as i’m imagining Floor opening with Scimitar a band that is not Floor hops on stage.  shit.  one more band.  one more horribly boring band.  finally Floor takes the stage and opens with Scimitar!  dreams do come true.  no one does pop this heavy.  the sound was great.  they played the entire self titled release and a few tracks off of Dove.  highlights were Tales of Lolita, Return to Zero, and Downed Star.  what impressed me the most was their drummer.  who knew an INXS hair style could play so hard?  the crowd was great.  often singing along loudly.  perfect set.  hopefully they’ll reunite again.

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