placing a mirror on a Cocaine Target.

Clobberin' Time: America's Top 12 Enemies of Today (taken from a Gallup Poll)

To Protect and Disguise: Brittany and Paul

Basketball Sucks

blurry photo of William Schwartz and future hip-hop star Jeffry Chiplis.

lucked out and got to see TRANS AM at the Rock Hall. they played a great set. what a drummer.

the Lloyd

woman working on a puzzle. random drunk passed out in her yard.


laying out Basketball Sucks

Bubba and the Bee


Pittsburgh sky

upstate vacation

TSA test...for kids!

good friends This Moment In Black History ruled the Knitting Factory last night.

getting ready for a shoot

Jacob and I (he’s on the right) watching KEELHAUL last night. great show! UNSANE was amazing too. they played the entire Scattered, Smothered, and Covered record. i wont be needing therapy anytime soon.