I have 4 pieces in this show.

Limited edition signed prints. Available at our shows.

Recent addition to the Heavy Metal Encyclopedia.

This alter means one thing. Black Black Black back in the studio.

New work. Amazing couch.

We play at 10pm. Flyer by Johnathan.

Cleveland still influences me. New series started.

After delays and cancellations. On my way HOME!

Back in Cleveland. Flyer by John G.

Back in Pittsburgh. Flyer by Juno Sung.

First game of the season. The Rangers destroyed the Penguins. Ugh...

New series started.

With my good friend Nigel.

I have 4 drawings in this show. Opening Sept 6th. Garis & Hahn 263 Bowery

Drew this with July 4th in mind.

Upstate vacation.

I have 4 pieces in this show. awesome line up.

The fog!

I'm on the TV.

Great visit with the boys.

I will always love Pittsburgh.

Black Black Black live on stage!