Doing some guest vocals for the new Lo-Pan record. I actually got chills. they're so great!

Bad cop.

NHL playoffs in style! in a lobby.

Being interviewed for the Derek Hess documentary.

Paint it black.

It's Tonka!

It's Lloyd!

Doing guest vocals on the new FYPM record. The best hardcore I've heard in a long time.

I have 62 pieces in this solo show. Thank you Hilary!


Framing is fun and inexpensive.

Black gold.

A. Payne and I at the Double Blind opening. Mary and Sophie rule!

i have 3 pieces in this great group show.

-3 in the 2nd period. i've never been more cold.

Recording vocals with Andrew Schneider.

I have 1 piece in this show. Bay and New Patron rule!

Thanks to Dr. Hill!

Never gets old.

Sneak photo by Bixby.

My kind of winter.

Simon Dickinson wall.

10 songs to write.

Dry time.