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Group show in China Town. 44 Bowery

There's a little color in the studio today.

Yeah, that's stretched canvas.

Walter (one of my favorite vocalists) from Quicksand has a new band. Check out Dead Heavens. BBB opens.

Love Birds

Dead microphone.

Instigator Design put out a zine of mine. Available at the LA Book Fair.

Skyscraper series started.

Work work work

The best thing about the holidays.

Disengage. Sold out show at the Grog Shop.

Was a great place to call home for 10+ years. My dogs and best friends live here. But the best decision I ever made in my life was to leave Cleveland.

Jake Kelly's flyer.

Disengage 2014

Detail of one of my dads paintings.

Sleeping Monkey.

This guy can sleep on me anytime he wants.

4 new drawings at the Bushwick 500 group show. English Kills gallery.

Having "fun" with Nina and Madeline at the MAC X-mas party.

Jacob and I recording or something.

Love Bird series started.

Posing with the new Lo-Pan record. I did the artwork for it. The record is great!

Black Black Black plays 2 record release parties for Lo-Pan.

With Samuel Stabler in Los Angeles.



Old friend Jean Doyle of Broughton's Rules. We started a band almost 30 years ago. Fang, Minor Threat and a few originals. Hard to believe we're still in the music scene.

View from my roof.

Interview by Max Teicher at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Getting the demons out at Union Pool.


Interviewed at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Group show at English Vilz.

Took a break from NYC. Made 27 pieces in 27 days in Pittsburgh.

Always a party with these 3.

Found my hockey scrap book.

Detail of a new series.

Found this at my parents house.

So great to see these two.

I wore this for 2 years playing hockey all over North America and Europe. It saved my life quite a few times.

Great show in LA.

Proud to be a part of launch party.

Doing some guest vocals for the new Lo-Pan record. I actually got chills. they're so great!

Bad cop.

NHL playoffs in style! in a lobby.

Being interviewed for the Derek Hess documentary.

Paint it black.

It's Tonka!

It's Lloyd!

Doing guest vocals on the new FYPM record. The best hardcore I've heard in a long time.

I have 62 pieces in this solo show. Thank you Hilary!


Framing is fun and inexpensive.

Black gold.

A. Payne and I at the Double Blind opening. Mary and Sophie rule!

i have 3 pieces in this great group show.

-3 in the 2nd period. i've never been more cold.

Recording vocals with Andrew Schneider.

I have 1 piece in this show. Bay and New Patron rule!

Thanks to Dr. Hill!

Never gets old.

Sneak photo by Bixby.

My kind of winter.

Simon Dickinson wall.

10 songs to write.

Dry time.


I have 4 pieces in this show.

Limited edition signed prints. Available at our shows.

Recent addition to the Heavy Metal Encyclopedia.

This alter means one thing. Black Black Black back in the studio.

New work. Amazing couch.

We play at 10pm. Flyer by Johnathan.

Cleveland still influences me. New series started.

After delays and cancellations. On my way HOME!

Back in Cleveland. Flyer by John G.

Back in Pittsburgh. Flyer by Juno Sung.

First game of the season. The Rangers destroyed the Penguins. Ugh...

New series started.

With my good friend Nigel.

I have 4 drawings in this show. Opening Sept 6th. Garis & Hahn 263 Bowery

Drew this with July 4th in mind.

Upstate vacation.

I have 4 pieces in this show. awesome line up.

The fog!

I'm on the TV.

Great visit with the boys.

I will always love Pittsburgh.

Black Black Black live on stage!

started a new sculpture.

studio wall

Black Black Black on vinyl. first 300 are pressed in purple and come with a signed print of mine. please write me if you're interested in buying one. get this record!

i've been friends with Bim (who records as Obnox) for over 20 years. finally got to see him perform as Obnox at DBA. i loved it! get this record.

my good friends erick and chris just released this record. it rules! get it!

Uh oh...

2 twins.

the set up.

found. roy, matthew, paul, and me.

new series started.

Pittsburgh snow

Lloyd's great with scissors.

Holiday Bubs.

M train

New series started.

Arch rivals. the Champs vs. the Victories

Black Moth Super Rainbow live in Brooklyn

Research. just getting started.

Pretty good! maybe it's the Pittsburgh blood.

Poop bag.

Breath. Relax.

From my roof. WTC construction still has power. For now...

Sandy is on the way.

The view that never gets old.

Best in shows!

Halloween. Priest Ebola.

It's out! Justin Adian's Nerve Endings. the second issue contains 15 of my drawings. if you'd like one please email me your mailing address. they're free!

putting together my issue of Justin Adian's Nerve Endings. 15 drawings of mine. if you'd like one send me your mailing address. they're FREE!

Friend Justin Adian (great artist)(look him up) is putting out a monthly zine of drawings by an artist he chooses. This month the artist is Jose Krapp. awesome drawings! if you want one send me your address and i'll get it out to you asap.

Tonka and Monkey watching the Steeler game.

The boys went on a trip to Pittsburgh with me.

Black Black Black's first show in Cleveland. Drawn by John G.

Black Black Black live in Cleveland.

Disengage 2012! reuniting to play the Grog Shop's 20th Anniversary.


Tony Erba!

Only in Cleveland.

Walking the boys.

I miss Cleveland skies.

Black Black Black on a boat.

Freedom 1

Freedom 2

Black Black Black video shoot at The Skull.

i was bored. i really did get this record for x-mas one year. thanks Aunt Keri!

i was bored and apparently i'm still obsessed with Key Tower in Cleveland.

lost an amazing friend and didn't have the chance to tell him how much he influenced me over the years. RIP Eddie Wille. you'll be greatly missed.

Chris Kulcsar and I with a variety of liquids.

i'm using REAL paint! first time in a long time.


fuck summer.

pink metal. i was bored.

NASA. i was bored.

LIARS. great as always.


back patch. i was bored.

the incredible David Pappaceno show at English Kills.


from my studio window.

ready for a shoot.

white out

don't forget your cat poop bags.

seeing ghosts. eating ghosts.

vicious pit bulls!


behind the wheel for the first time in 6 months.

noticed a bunch of people on their roofs in chelsea. looked to my right and found the reason.

Black Black Black video loosely based on this scene from Tommy coming soon.

horrible but true.

thought i was supposed to outgrow these.


park time!

New Jersey bathroom

"the D" baby is born

40 page book with download code to the record.

third show just happens to be our record release party! flyer by Justin Adian.

Black Black Black cover art.

totally faking it.

rangers vs blackhawks game with Dr. Hill.

in the studio with Black Black Black. guest vocals by Dave Curran.

the dudes!

taken from my roof.

second show flyer drawn by Justin. check out his site.

studio wall

just follow the sound.

started a new band. Black Black Black. first show. flyer by good friend Justin Adian.

TSA good times!

old school. who needs photoshop/illustrator?

the pigs are working for the banks.

come on eileen greenpoint style.

the boys

only on the upper east side.

i took this during the hurricane paranoia.


well, looks like i took the summer off. let's just say i'm happy it's over and look forward to falling leaves and temperatures that require one of my many stylish coats. i'm a February baby. makes sense to me. SING LOCUSTS SING!

RIP Wade Belak 7/3/1976 - 8/31/2011

RIP Rick Rypien 5/16/1984 - 8/15/2011

RIP Derek Boogaard 6/23/1982 - 5/13/2011

all of the mensch kraft artists (including me) are in this new group show. check it out at

i have 2 pieces in this Brooklyn, NY show.

i have 1 piece in this Cleveland, OH show.

Horrible series. At least i get to shave now.

Damn hipsters!

If you're looking for an interior designer, I know where to find one.

NYC transplants get exhausted easily.

Fleury! Penguins 3 - Lightning 0. 1 down. 15 to go.

So long, douche bag.

RIP Craig Lucas

Craig Lucas was a huge influence on my work and life. he's a major reason why i still create work today. when i was a young, lost art student he taught how to think in ways i never imagined before. he also taught me to not give a shit about what others thought of my work. just be happy and produce. he will be greatly missed.

Daniel Higgs did all the vocals. so...THIS IS AMAZING!

At least he had time to get his hawk up.

What's so funny?

this guy must be hopped up on Nescafe!

Now Gaddafi blames hallucinogenic pills mixed with Nescafe and bin Laden for uprisings... before ordering bloody hit on a mosque

Mark Lombardi knew too much. opening tonight (2/26/11) at Pierogi.

new idea. stay tuned.

what goes there?

Pittsburgh legend, Johnson fights again!

there's a first time for everything. staten island.

good record. get it!

yeah he does!

dachshund or seal?

yeah. totally.

This really happened.

don't mess with Johnson.

you'll see...

Havemeyer 1/26/11

it was a long December.

american hero Bradley Manning

i forgot to go shopping again.

this record rules! get it!

optical illusion? case closed? doug henning shit? way to go pentagon!


Getting ready for Zu Beginn.

Osgood sucks!

Biron's new mask. come on Marty. you have better taste than this.

placing a mirror on a Cocaine Target.

Clobberin' Time: America's Top 12 Enemies of Today (taken from a Gallup Poll)

To Protect and Disguise: Brittany and Paul

Basketball Sucks

blurry photo of William Schwartz and future hip-hop star Jeffry Chiplis.

lucked out and got to see TRANS AM at the Rock Hall. they played a great set. what a drummer.

the Lloyd

woman working on a puzzle. random drunk passed out in her yard.


laying out Basketball Sucks

Bubba and the Bee


Pittsburgh sky

upstate vacation

TSA test...for kids!

good friends This Moment In Black History ruled the Knitting Factory last night.

getting ready for a shoot

Jacob and I (he’s on the right) watching KEELHAUL last night. great show! UNSANE was amazing too. they played the entire Scattered, Smothered, and Covered record. i wont be needing therapy anytime soon.

getting ready for the walleye show.

Floor or Liars?  that was the question.  i could walk to Floor.  Floor was $1 cheaper.  my good friends Sofa King Killer would be there.  i’ll probably never get the chance to see Floor again.  decision was made.  missed the first band.  walked in to see fat guys with beards playing some form of metal.  some girl went bonkers.  she must have been from Parma, OH.  all i could think about was what song was Floor going to open with and what was the meaning behind a rainbow striped number 13 tattoo on metal bands guitarist?  evil gay?  just as i’m imagining Floor opening with Scimitar a band that is not Floor hops on stage.  shit.  one more band.  one more horribly boring band.  finally Floor takes the stage and opens with Scimitar!  dreams do come true.  no one does pop this heavy.  the sound was great.  they played the entire self titled release and a few tracks off of Dove.  highlights were Tales of Lolita, Return to Zero, and Downed Star.  what impressed me the most was their drummer.  who knew an INXS hair style could play so hard?  the crowd was great.  often singing along loudly.  perfect set.  hopefully they’ll reunite again.

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